What You Get As A Starting Point From The Free Course

You Will Discover…For A Start:

  • The 4 essentials you need to get started
  •  Super easy ways to make money with freelance writing
  • Insider secrets of how to find dozens of freelance centers that pay top rates for your writing
  • How to write intro’s that make you money
  • What you need to create a freelance writing portfolio that sets you apart
  • How to put together your Freelance web site for free – stand out from the wannabe’s!
  • Writing for Search Engine Optimization & Human Beings – You MUST Combine The Two to be successful.
  • How to write for today’s readers – not your college professor…Adding EQ the magic ingredient, producing high quality content is the objective, then having this content syndicated all over the web.

Writing For The Web

The online revolution has changed everything about communications – it has changed writing in a big way. The famous copywriter Gary Halbert demonstrated just how crucial writing can be for internet sales, and promoting your message. Gary Halbert made a fortune by writing sales pages, he also taught and mentored people. He also made the fortunes of people he worked for. You can do the same. eWriting is not just about copywriting though, it includes many aspects.

To be an Entrepreneur in today’s competitive digital world you need to be able to write effectively for the web community, to apply specific stylistic tools, to have a versatile range of skills which can include:

  • Web Property Development – Just Like Real Estate, Your Portfolio Of Web Property Can Work For You
  • Writing Copy, Writing Product Descriptions, Crafting Targeted Stories, Effectively Applying ‘EQ’ To
  • Produce niche books, Kindle, book websites – become a 21st Century self publisher
  • Crafting Social Media Content And Creative ‘Dark Posts’, Build Your Brand Via Social Media
  • Video Creation & Building Promotional Messages – eWriting includes creating narratives through video, the most powerful medium on the internet.

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 Skills Are The Crucial Bits

These are just some of the skills you will need to have, to offer and apply to your projects, to your clients & to build your digital entrepreneur career. This might seem daunting, but all it takes is a consistent effort and…the right information & guidance.

The desire to engage with the digital economy is growing, there is a massive change occurring in the world and people everywhere are discovering the many opportunities now open to all of us. If you want to participate in all of this new opportunity you will need ‘skills’ – there are no tools, hacks, shortcuts to this, although there are many ways to approach it. You can build your own version of an online empire through ‘Niche Marketing’ – this simply means producing online content, offering products to specific groups of people. Sign up in the sidebar to download your copy of a data base of super high paying Affiliate programs – these are genuine high end and luxury products & services which you can use to make serious cash if you build some decent media and resources to present them. Sign up on the sidebar to get this amazing resource sent directly to your inbox.

There is the question of eWriting, and SEO. Writing for the web is all about Search Engine Optimization. The big mistake most people make is to consider ‘SEO’ as a separate issue, like something you add on to your site once you have created the content – this is wrong.

You need to consider SEO at every stage of your site’s construction, every word, every meta-tag, external link, indeed the very structure of your site needs to address SEO. eWriting is the craft of writing and creating content online. This is what we will be dealing with on this site. How to create online content which works for you. We need to adopt a ‘Holistic’ approach, no surprises there, the parts of the whole always go towards building the end results.

 The Internet Has Been With Us For 20 Years

The internet is just starting to really get going, you have not ‘missed the boat’ – NOW is the time to claim your place online, think for the Long Term, in  just a few years time the things you do now will be bearing fruit – but you must commence.

People tend to get a little excited once they discover that they too can get a share of the digital economy, they become intoxicated with the concept of ‘quick’ results. This is the trap for new players. Calm right down, slow down, consider what you are doing-the internet is not going anywhere without you. Unscrupulous marketers all say ‘money loves speed’, they do this for a very good reason:

Newbies are whipped into a frenzy, they are told they must act quickly, they are shown products and systems which will be withdrawn within a few days, never to be seen again! This ‘money loves speed’ mantra is designed to get you to buy their stuff, and not stop to consider what you are doing, just buy their stuff and your dreams will come true…Sound Familiar?

The fact that nearly 4 Billion people are internet users means one thing: A Massive Market. This is the simple fact which enables all that we do ‘online’. Never before in human history have we been able to reach huge numbers of people, very cheaply indeed – only 25 years ago it was impossible-this is the simple fact.

This is only going to grow, and if you can position yourself with some real skills, you will be able to leverage this huge market. This is very real, and as a discerning online researcher you know this is true. You do not have to panic, and act rashly, invest in lots of software and resources you do not even know about – just relax and take a deep breath. Let’s take a look at what you actually need to do. This site explores and reveals genuine information regarding ‘eWriting’ – producing valuable and good quality online content is what I call eWriting, this is what this site is all about.