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 Writing For The Web

The online revolution has changed everything about communications – it has changed writing in a big way. The famous copywriter Gary Halbert demonstrated just how crucial writing can be for internet sales, and promoting your message. Gary Halbert made a fortune by writing sales pages, he also taught and mentored people. He also made the fortunes of people he worked for. You can do the same. eWriting is not just about copywriting though, it includes many aspects.

To be an Entrepreneur in today’s competitive digital world you need to be able to write effectively for the web community, to apply specific stylistic tools, to have a versatile range of skills which can include:

  • Web Property Development – Just Like Real Estate, Your Portfolio Of Web Property Can Work For You*
  • Writing Copy, Writing Product Descriptions, Crafting Targeted Stories, Effectively Applying ‘EQ’ To Your Writing
  • Crafting Social Media Content And Creative ‘Dark Posts’ That Genuinely Inspire Response
  • Video Creation & Building Promotional Messages – Writing is just as significant in video

online writing course

Skills Are The Crucial Bits

These are just some of the skills you will need to have, to offer and apply to your projects, to your clients & to build your digital entrepreneur career. This might seem daunting, but all it takes is a consistent effort and…the right information & guidance. 

The desire to engage with the digital economy is growing, there is a massive change occurring in the world and people everywhere are discovering the many opportunities now open to all of us. If you want to participate in all of this new opportunity you will need ‘skills’ – there are no tools, hacks, shortcuts to this, although there are many ways to approach it. 


There are creative and smart ways to use your talents and skills to negotiate new ways of working, and approaching the emerging digital economy-this is simply a reality. For everything you can do online you need skills, or the insight to use other people’s skills-and this is what eWritingcourse.com is mainly all about.

This site, all the pages and articles, none of them are offering you a ‘Magic Silver Bullet’, which is what a lot of people looking online are seeking, they believe there is some clever software or system that they can buy, put some vague details in at one end and then spit out out thousands of paying customers at the other! Go on, ADMIT IT – you think that there is a magic technology which the insiders all use to make their ‘internet millions’!

Sorry, there just isn’t, This is just how people think, teaching people to work online is the most difficult job in the history of the world – there are just too many myths and wrong ideas. Sure there are lots of tools and software that makes life easier – but no software or system is going to build your fortune, you still have to provide ‘Value’ for people in exchange for their payment-products or services, the internet simply provides ready access to the market.

The Big Honchos Online


So, why should you read what I have to say? No I am not ‘well known’ or a big marketing guru, I am not pretending to be. If I was I would have had 6 ‘buy buttons’ on this page by now!

However, I have successfully worked with digital technology and been online for 20 years, I am active online and build many projects, I also consult for other businesses and help people to use internet technology to promote their businesses. I worked in the corporate IT space for 2 decades, but I left all that behind once I discovered digital marketing and the true potential of the digital world.

Why am I presenting this?

Because I can, and I am personally interested in ‘eWriting’ – the online world has been good to me and why not share information? – No amount of ‘competition’ is going to make the slightest difference to me! The internet is vast, and there is opportunity for all who wish it.

You don’t want to miss out on the big opportunities online, and you will miss out unless you do something about it – there are literally millions of people who all want the same thing-to be ‘rich’, to make money online, well businesses make money and really it is just about building a business, you need to act and to focus – don’t miss this one!

The internet is just starting to really get going, you have not ‘missed the boat’ – NOW is the time to claim your place online, think for the Long Term, in 2/5 & ten years time the things you do now will be bearing fruit – but you must ACT!




The fact that nearly 4 Billion people are internet users means one thing: A Massive Market. This is only going to grow, and if you can position yourself with some real skills, you will be able to leverage this huge market. This is very real, and as a discerning online researcher you know this is true.


Check out the article where I describe exactly how to upload a video to YouTube and rank it almost immediately in whatever town, for whatever business terms-this is powerful, useful digital economy hacking!


What You Get As A Starting Point



You Will Discover…For A Start:

  • The 4 essentials you need to get started
  •  Super easy ways to make money with freelance writing
  • Insider secrets of how to find dozens of freelance centers that pay top rates for your writing
  • How to write intro’s that make you money
  • What you need to create a freelance writing portfolio that sets you apart
  • How to put together your Freelance web site for free – stand out from the wannabe’s!
  • Writing for Search Engine Optimization & Human Beings – You CAN Combine The Two!
  • How to write for today’s readers – not your college professor…Adding EQ the magic ingredient

There is a lot of valuable material on this site, it is the culmination of many years experience, and input from different successful online people who currently work in the industry. There is too much generic, vanilla information out there which helps nobody.

So, if you have always wanted to write, publish your own blog, learn how to make this online stuff work for you so you can turn your ideas into actual realities why not jump in today! Apart from writing I will be presenting a lot of different areas, discoveries, SEO, WordPress, intriguing angles – all based on experience…




{*Lead Generation by building/ ranking local business websites & providing strong leads to business owners is a model I work with, and teach on this site.}