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The Times We Live In Are Filled With Opportunities

We Live In Amazing Times

That is for sure.  I have been involved with working with IT & the digital space for many years now, I am as excited as when I first began way back in 1995 in my first professional IT job.

The fact is, the internet is truly only just beginning to get really started, and the many opportunities it provides to us all can only be fully realized IF you have the basic skills necessary to make your ideas a full reality. The talents of other people can also be leveraged to help you if you lack skills. Here is a great post on Quora.com telling us what we need to do to be successful in this 21st Century world, I fully agree.

The word has spread online, that you can build businesses, that the opportunity is genuine – it is no longer just the ‘Gurus’ or the IT specialists who can participate. The availability of free and powerful tools, such as:

  • WordPress CMS, the content management system version of WordPress enables us to create all kinds of websites – make sure you know the difference between the free blogging platform version and the software version that you install on your own hosting accounts. In fact this site is built using WordPress, there are plenty of other options (Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Joomla, Drupal -more) but WordPress is like a ‘Gateway Drug’ to the whole scene of digital life, marketing, eCommerce and the entire online realm-new options are appearing almost weekly.
  • Social Media platforms such as Facebook where you can create business pages, completely independent to your ‘personal account’, so your business can be operated without needing to get your family & friends involved! YouTube, create your own media channels and promote your business, engage with millions of interested people and upload your videos; Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest… All of these social media can be purposed to building your brand, your messsage – we give you the tools and training so that you can use social media in creative and genuine ways to create your business!
  • Digital Advertising – these same social media outlets also provide us with extremely powerful tools for promoting your business and building your email lists, driving traffic to your web properties.
  • Video, perhaps the biggest and most powerful communication tools of them all. There are ways to use video which are powerful, effective and profitable.
  • Leveraging the talent of others-by building a team of specialists you can gain the arbitrage of time & money; by simply having a competent general assistant you open up your ability to scale your efforts. Not just ‘outsourcing’ but business building. Many people have discovered they can hire talented people for very reasonable cost, and this is the secret behind many of the successful online people who sell their stuff to you every day.

We have reached a very interesting point with our global network – it has now been operating and publicly accessible for 20 years – the initial sense of Novelty has worn off for most people, and now most people take it all very much for granted. The online markets have all matured, people are very used to purchasing online and security is not really much of an issue. Now is the time to really take a close look at what is possible.

This site is my way of seeking to reach people who may need help and assistance, in this one site a relative ‘newbie’ or even a jaded and cynical ‘oldie’ can glean some fresh perspectives, ideas and practical ways to move forward. I never take the Internet for granted, it is far too valuable and powerful to dismiss as being just another medium – and this is the attitude which can help you to personally leverage what is possible to achieve online. Don’t take it for granted!

What is my objective, why am I building this site? Because I want to basically, it is also a personal experiment. I want to see how many people respond to the content, and gain insight and help. I have been helped by various people over the years, I like the sense of community and I personally believe the Internet is a global resource we each can benefit from – many people think everything online should be ‘Free’, but skills and effort never come absolutely ‘Free’ – your time and effort are usually rewarded, offering help to others is a good thing in my book, it is a two-way street.


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My name is Michael Gorman and this site is one of my projects, in many ways it is very dear to my heart because I know a lot of people struggle online, it is not an easy thing to build any business, and building them online is especially fraught with difficulty. From my own experience and from that of close associates, eWriting is definitely the best place to begin. Of course it does not stop with writing, and this is why this site includes many different tools, approaches and resources. If you get some help from this site, pass the word on so others can benefit also, we all need a helping hand sometimes, we are all part of this global community & this is my way of contributing.