Affiliate Marketing What Is The Real Story?

Affiliate marketing combined with niche marketing is a dynamite way to commence your online business career. Why not learn 100% free from a legitimate organization that offers you also free website resources-it helped me a lot when I first began.

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The Real Facts About Affiliate Marketing

If there is one particular area of digital marketing which attracts the most attention, and also where many new players get their start, it has to be Affiliate Marketing.

There are literally thousands of eBooks, membership sites, training packages and products all aimed at educating people to ‘make money online’ via being an affiliate.

What exactly is it? It is as old as the hills, ‘middle man marketing’ is another term for it – at its most basic level being an affiliate simply means you are encouraging people to purchase products or services that you do not own, but you have a special relationship with the product manufacturer/creator, or service provider to receive a percentage of the sale value; a commission

When applied to the internet, this can be a very easy way to earn money. Well this is the theory anyway. Because you do not have to be a product creator, or supplier of services many new players in the ‘internet marketing’ game can participate fairly quickly.

Some reckon you do not need to build a website, or possess technical skills to succeed; however you greatly increase your potential for success if you do have a few resources to use.Plus if you really want to make some serious money, building your own affiliate empire is the way to go!

The main requirement for any kind of affiliate marketing is being able to present the product, or service to the most relevant audiences.

This is where an awful lot of people go wrong, this is where most of the ‘spam’ originates. Spam messages are the natural result of inexperienced people attempting to get people to buy something – but they do not know what they are doing, and they just throw ‘mud against the wall’ and hope some of it sticks(!)



The main difference between failed affiliate marketers, and those who make lots of money, is all in how they go about ‘targeting‘ their audience. This is the entire difference- if you can present the right product/service to the right people you will have a much better chance of making sales.

It makes sense doesn’t it? What is the difference between all of the messages in your ‘Junk’ folder, and those messages you actually click on to read?

Chances are those messages you choose to actually read are from people you either know, or you are aware of through some other process. Even if the message is asking you to consider buying something, you do not mind because you have established some kind of link or relationship with the sender. This basic difference is highly significant.

Those people who take the time and effort to think through how they will present their affiliate materials tend to do better. This is common sense, but it is astounding how quickly common sense is abandoned when it comes to online marketing!

Among the first successes I experienced in affiliate sales gave me a taste of just how powerful this can be. I happened to come across a site called ‘Affilorama‘ – this is put together by a chap from New Zealand named Mark Ling.

Mark is a genuine bloke, he is one of the better online ‘guru’ types out there. Mark’s approach is so honest and effective that his own father was able to retire early and enjoy a lifestyle without worry! This is true, you can read about it for yourself-(Google Mark Ling)

This is a legitimate product, it teaches you how to build simple product websites, use Google to build organic traffic and then semi-passively get commissions. I was impressed with the product and I had some success by following what it taught me. Plus Affilorama provide their own WordPress theme which you can use to compile niche sites. Free. That’s right this course and all the resources are 100% free and legitimate. What’s the catch? Well they offer you a ‘done-for-you’ version where Affilorama build out your affiliate sites and give you an almost guaranteed online income-this you pay for! 

I understand that this is still available, and it has been updated to suit today’s online conditions. I had no problem recommending Affilorama because these guys offer you the real deal, not hype or bullcrap. 

Prior to this first experience with internet-based affiliate malarky I was much like everyone else – I was deeply skeptical. It is entirely natural to resist hype, and to consider all of the banners and flashing text as being rubbish, of course! And much of it is to be avoided, but there is a genuine and much deeper level to all of this. I resolved to only speak the truth based on my own research and results. It is the only way to fly.

Oscar The Flying Dog Agrees With Me!



It was supremely satisfying seeing actual money come in from affiliate niche sites I built using Affilorama free WordPress tools, and following their instructions on their website. Hey if you put the work in and learn from the free course, you can make money. Simple as that.

So what is the ‘right way’? Like a lot of things in life if you approach it with good intentions and with the aim to help people it usually means you benefit-does that sound too ‘Kumbya’?, Well all it means is you put some effort into what you do.

It takes a bit of time to set things up, write some decent articles, build reasonable quality websites (WordPress), you can even use the free blog platforms like ‘Blogger’ & ‘Blogspot’.

If it takes a few months to do this, well that time is going to pass anyway, so you may as well fill it with doing profitable things, and put a little effort into learning new skills

If you inform people about information that is not widely known, and they also benefit from it, at some point you are going to generate good will, you will earn the trust of people. If you set about trying to impress or trick people, make false claims you will not succeed and you will also ruin your reputation. It simply isn’t worth it.

Always consider the ‘long game’, the internet is not going anywhere, there are plenty of opportunities for all-there is no panic! So approach affiliate marketing from the desire to help someone discover a good quality experience, none of us are ‘saints’ – in fact most of us aren’t!

Digital marketing can be a grubby, dog-eat-dog industry, but you do not have to play it like that. Those that succeed the most and for the longest are all good people who go out of their way to help. It’s true-the scam artists may have a few wins and succeed for a while, but eventually it bottoms out, I’ve seen this time and again. Resolve to be one of the good guys, and you will succeed in time!

If you have any specific questions, go ahead and drop me a line, I am happy to assist and shed light on anything you might be unsure of, remember niche marketing is just about putting some research into what you might already be familiar with, and like to do already. Find a niche you like and build a website, produce some good quality content.

Look, find out for yourself if you like – Affilorama offer a 100% free training program and you can get all the tools for free, even the hosting!

You don’t come across much that is free AND of high quality these days, and I can recommend Affilorama, they are a good bunch of people-if you want to take it further you can and pay for their ‘done for you’ options, but this is entirely up to you. I have done my duty and given you a 100% FREE resource that can change your life, the rest is up to you.




Author: MikeG

The internet has been with the public for about 20 years now, many take it for granted, but as eWriters we understand we should never take the internet for granted!