Arbitrage From Craigslist

Arbitrage is the ancient ‘buy low sell high’ but this is a very high tech way of gaining some very healthy profit without doing the work yourself


Arbitrage, you may have come across this word and wondered what it means – it is used quite a lot in business circles because what it refers to is one of the oldest concepts of business known to man – buy at a low price, then sell for a higher price and pocket the difference, or profit. People who run shops buy goods at wholesale prices and then sell them to customers for a higher price-we are all very familiar with this concept. So ‘Arbitrage’ is simply a fancy term for this basic approach.

Now, gaining the arbitrage, or profit potential on services is a novel idea. What if you were able to access a lot of people who are very keen to get things done, so keen in fact that they are willing to pay you a handsome fee- AND you also had access to a large market of highly skilled people who are willing to get these same tasks completed, and completed with high quality results, for a very cheap rate, much lower than the first group are used to paying for them?

Well this almost sounds too good to be true, I mean why are these people not aware of the existence of these skilled people – and why would they be willing to pay a lot more than they have to?

Why Don’t They Know?

Good questions, and really it is a case of simply not being aware of what is out there. Everyday we see people who may not be aware of the options, folks who pay over the odds for things simply because they are in a hurry or unaware there may be much better offers – it happens all the time. People are funny like that, they have all kinds of assumptions and beliefs. For example someone may pay $100 for an item on Amazon that is available for $25 in Walmart, it happens all the time-they enjoy the convenience of getting the item delivered without needing to go shopping.

OK Arbitrage is pretty easy to understand, and Craigslist is a very popular site where certain types of people advertise their requirements for getting all kinds of things done, from business websites to designing flyers, to logos, to writing letters-all kinds of modern business tasks.

The folks posting jobs on Craigslist would not be doing so if they knew there were much cheaper options elsewhere – would they? It is not your responsibility how people choose to advertise their requirements now is it?, this is a pretty huge site where skilled people from all over the world offer digital services – there are web designers, writers, graphics people, voice over artists-literally everything you can think of.

Many of them are based in countries such as India, the Philippines and so forth – and a lot of these services are offered for as little as $5, although the prices can reach a lot higher many of them can be got for $10-20. You can have a very decent website built in WordPress for as little as $80.  This creates an opportunity, if you could take the order for a guy on Craigslist wanting a website for $500, you could get it built for $80 and keep the $420. Potentially.

The Craigslist Poster

The people who tend to post these jobs on Craigslist are simply not familiar with Fiverr, there are millions of people out there and not all of them are savvy about what is available – this is simply the case, so it is up to you to offer your services and tell the Craigslist people all about how you can help them. Trouble is it takes a lot of time, who wants to sift through all the jobs on Craigslist, and then try to find a seller on Fiverr to fulfill the job?

Well this is the answer, a piece of software I came across enables you to put any search term in and find all the jobs available on Craigslist-PLUS it has the same search function for Fiverr. This is magic software, and it is called Arbitrage Underdog. This is legitimate and a lot of people have been making gangbuster money from the profit.

21st Century business concepts like this are making a huge impact. If you put a few hours per day into this you can start taking orders. The software allows you to download graphics from the Fiverr seller’s advert to show the Craigslist job poster your ‘work’. This software does it all for you.

Here is a testimonial from ‘Kenster’ a highly trusted dude – he thinks this software is killer, because it is!

This is one of those opportunities that the modern internet allows us to take advantage of, being able to reach different markets and bring them together-this is being clever, this is using your brains.

I would say anyone with average intelligence, and a few spare hours per week can make an extra 500-1000 bucks per week; it is all down to how much effort you put in, but really it does not get much easier than this, it takes a bit of work, but heck, Arbitrage was never so crafty! Check it out for yourself, start making some high tech money from home, you could even make this your full time gig if you work at it-a lot of people have.

I have to say I use this software myself, and it is not like a walk in the park, I like it though, and it has a heck of a lot of potential. Like a lot of things in life, it is really down to how you approach it yourself. Yes you can make money from it, but you have to put the time and work into it, but it beats a lot of other scammy rubbish out there!

Author: MikeG

The internet has been with the public for about 20 years now, many take it for granted, but as eWriters we understand we should never take the internet for granted!

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