How ReSale-Rights Books Can Make You Serious Cash

Re-Sale Rights products can enable ordinary people without lots of digital skills to make serious money-but what is it all about and where can you get these products?


Re-Sale Rights Revolution What Is It?

No matter what people say, there’s nothing more important than money.

Money makes the world go round. It is what powers the internet and drives your car. It is what puts food on your plate and police on your streets. It is the reason we go to work and it is often the source of many arguments. In this new millennium, money is the god and if you serve her well, you’ll be better off.

Sad, isn’t it? Despite thousands of years of evolution, we’re still reduced to one simple material desire.

Your fist instinct should be to fight it, to live out in a commune, or prepper homestead- and touch nature, but that’s hardly a realistic plan. Even living out in the woods, you still need to buy the essentials that you need to live, so once again, your life will be controlled by money.

The only way to conquer this system is to rise above it and play the game to win. What I mean to say is that the only way to prevent money from controlling your life is to have enough of it that you don’t need to think about it ever again.

That’s a nice thought, huh? Never having to think about money again. But you probably think that like the commune idea, it’s completely impractical, and that there’s little realistic chance of you making enough money to live your life the way you dream.

Did you know that more money was made online last year by novices than by seasoned internet veterans? It’s true – there is a good reason for this, novices tend to put more honest energy into their presentations, people tend to respond better to this.

A slow revolution is taking place online and for once, it’s in the best interests of people like you. Amazingly!

There was a time when the only people making money online were those people who knew exactly what they were doing. These people, gurus as they were called, were recognizable and knowledgeable. People bought what they were selling because they had a reputation for providing quality.

But slowly, that quality diminished and people became annoyed with the gurus. The market was still there, but there was a huge sales void. People wanted to buy, but had no where and no-one to buy from.

This is how resale rights products became successful. People understood that there were quality products being created, and that they were being sold by ordinary people like you. People stopped buying from those bigger than life internet personalities and started trusting real people.

This is why resale rights products have been the biggest booming industry in the past five years. Resale rights products are created, marketed and then sold by honest, hard-working, regular people. If you’ve been scared off of the prospect of making money online because you don’t think there’s room in the market for you, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

To learn more about resale rights products and how you can start making money in just seven days, or less check it out:

Re-Sale Rights Revolution

High Ticket Affiliate Sales

It is all very well to approach Affiliate Marketing and think about ‘passive income’ – but how can you find really high paying affiliate programs where you do not have to make thousands of sales just to make a few dollars, where are the serious high paying offers?

Luxury & High Ticket Affiliate Programs
Luxury & High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing is popular online, why? Well because it is one of the easiest ways to make some money! You don’t need to create your own product, you can help other people by informing them about quality products they may not be aware of, plus it does not require a lot of technical skills to position yourself – sure you might have to write articles, or produce videos but these days you can use lots of online tools and resources which are easy to learn how to use.

OK, a lot of us know that this affiliate marketing can be profitable, but what about finding decent products to write about, or present on a video-you can’t get rich off $7 eBooks, or even $20 products.

How about something where you don’t have to make too many sales, or that pays out $1000 or more for one sale? So-called ‘High Ticket’ items are what we need!

Build Quality Blogs – Produce Videos

A friend of mine runs a blog about flying air craft – he happens to like anything to do with planes and flying, so he has lots of pilot lessons affiliate links, chartering private jets and even aircraft manufacturers affiliate links-yep you can make a percentage from someone buying their own executive jet, you don’t need many sales per year to bring in some nice cash! Of course his blog is top quality, and he has built a healthy readership of people who have the means and interest in the topic to make purchases.

This is another aspect of eWriting, we can consider ourselves as being ‘Media Companies’, this is the way modern business is going. If you think about it, a lot of business types need to produce content, in today’s digital world content is King (I’m sure you have heard that one before), and it is true that high quality content builds business – from furniture retailers to medical centers, everyone is putting out their branded content to keep people informed and interested in their businesses. eWriting is the major skill of the 21st Century, like I say on this site.

High Paying Affiliate Offers

So where do you find some of these high ticket affiliate offers, how do you sign up to get the big bucks? Well, I’m glad you ask – I have produced a data base of some of the really juicy affiliate programs that I have come across over the years. Each one pays very decent commissions, and yes I have included a private Jet charter program that pays a minimum of $250 for each sale of a charter, Exotic Car Rentals, Luxury Watches, even Hovercraft which can pay $1000 per sale (Conditions apply). 

There is a private yacht charter for those who like to sail the Mediterranean for their holidays – to Medical procedures, to Web development, look there are a heap of high ticket affiliate programs where you can seriously make some big money by letting interested people know about these products through your content.

If you want to grab your copy of this high ticket affiliate data base, on a searchable PDF all you have to do is Sign Up On The Sidebar with your best email address (no bogus ones thanks!) You can start producing your own content with your links included to get semi-passive income coming in for you. Free of charge as a reader of this site.This is a genuine resource-and you can’t find these programs easily!

If you want to explore how to go about being effective and learn the online secrets of affiliate marketing you should check out Mark Ling’s ‘Affilorama‘, a FREE training site for newby affiliates – it is high quality and completely legitimate, I learned a heck of a lot from Mark’s site myself. He has some high end training and ‘done for you’ affiliate options that you pay for, if you want that-but for just learning the ropes and getting started, there is nothing quite like his FREE course anywhere else. No B.S. 

If you want to grab this fantastic collection of high ticket affiliate programs so you can get started on your own projects simply enter your best email address on the sign up applet- and you will be sent the download link almost immediately, although it can depend on your location, it might take a few minutes, also check in different folders of your email – including the ‘junk’ if you have trouble finding the message. 

So What Is The Best Way To Make Some Money?



This question is one that I am asked by many people, probably thousands over the years, it just gets asked over & over again-the answer is kind of obvious, but a lot of people don’t like to accept it, they like to carry on thinking there are secret methods, clever tactics, powerful software and genius marketing angles which the successful people all know and keep to themselves.

And to an extent there is some truth in this, we all know that having something desirable, valuable for sale is essential, and that you must then present this item, or service to the right audience, in the right way in order to gain sales. Simple right? Once you have this all in-place you merely rinse & repeat.

Sure, but the devil is definitely in the details. People I have worked with and helped in the past all knew this basic principle. You know it, it is just obvious! But, sourcing the products, preparing them for sale and then being able to advertise to the right customers is damned hard. Otherwise everyone would be successful, we would all be retired and simply counting our money!

Fact number 1:

Work is involved – it takes work, effort, time and energy to begin, set up and maintain a sales system.

Fact number 2:

It requires knowledge and learning to understand what people are looking for, discovering what people want and then offering this to them-so many people come at this from the wrong angle and try to convince people to accept something they build, or make without first researching if anyone wants it!

Fact number 3:

Resources & money are needed to set things up – you absolutely need certain items and conditions, systems to be set up and available. You need to obtain either inventory, or human resources, or the means to deliver your service/s or products. Even if you are ‘Drop Shipping’ you still need to present your items; and you need to find good sources of wholesale products! 

So, for the vast numbers of people who don’t have the necessary skills to build their own sales system, a website, an online means to present their goods or services and then promote them to the right audience/s-the only solution is to purchase the skills of others. This is fraught with risk, because you don’t necessarily know the true capability of services. But this is definitely how a lot of entrepreneurs operate. You do not need to possess lots of technical skills, you just need the seed capital to get stuff built!

Services like Plato webdesign for instance provide a full service for smart, switched on business builders who simply may not be aware of the online side of things! This company is remarkable, one that I have used myself on occasion when I have been busy. My own web building company also provides a ‘done for you’ option – Web Star Services we have helped plenty of business builders get their eCommerce or membership sites up and running. These are High End services, not your average suburban hack shop!

If you have money but no skills you still need to know what you are doing, but at least you can get things done – this is how a lot of my associates began. By investing in existing infrastructure you can build empires.

It can be surprising how little you need to to get started. A ‘done for you’ website can be built, managed, promoted and content created for around $20,000 – OR you can purchase an existing site. By buying into a working online business you escape all of the problems – but discernment is needed for choosing the right site!

There are no overnight successes, but there are quick results if you know what you are doing, choosing to have a build done for you by people who are skilled, this is the best approach if you can’t build yourself! SEO, Advertising & content Marketing are the avenues to online success, there are many channels available each one represents a different marketing opportunity-you need to rise above the obvious dimensions of these platforms and regard them as your tools for selling whatever it is you want to sell.


The Directory Of Ezines – A Comprehensive Review

establishing trust

Evergreen Internet Resources

The internet as a publicly available resource is not very old, in relative terms it depends how old you are as to whether this rings true. To someone born in 1995 for instance the internet is as familiar and ‘every day’ as a toaster is to all of us! But for those of us who have a few years behind us, to those of us who knew the world prior to the internet being cheaply available, a mere 20 years has elapsed; those two decades have seen changes which many of us do not fully appreciate, because ‘perspective requires distance’.

To the average internet user of 1997 the idea that you can build a business entirely online would have been pretty foreign – the talk of those times centered around just how long this ‘fad’ would hold out, believe it or not. You can discover the history of the internet, from 1969 onwards on this site 🙂

So we are all still carrying on with this ‘Fad’ here in 2016, and things have really stepped up a few notches, very few of us could imagine life without the internet, without Facebook, YouTube, Email, Smartphones, Websites, Apps…our entire global culture has assimilated and adapted internet technology out of all recognition to those early days. An aspect of the early internet was the development of something called an ‘Ezine’.

Ezines are online magazines, simply put – a publication based around a particular topic which is designed to present news, information and links, for people interested in that topic. You can think of Ezines as types of Blogs, but they are nearly always presented in a simple format, with text using fonts like this:

Financial News & The Stockmarket

Mr Pawnbroker of money street San Francisco is offering a new way to buy stocks and profit from them…

You have no doubt seen such Ezines, they remain popular especially among keenly interested people-something they all offer is advertising, and being able to reach a very interested group of readers is extremely powerful. This is one of those less well known aspects of internet culture, but is very familiar to many people who often pay a subscription fee to these Ezines, they have a strong relationship with publications that were available well before the internet was widely used, back in the days of ‘Direct Response Marketing’.

You can search for Ezines in directories such as this one and get a feel for what they are if you don’t know much about them. Why are they of interest to entrepreneurs and eWriters? Because they are significant sources of traffic, and means to access highly targeted people who are likely to respond to your ‘niche’ site, or product. Yes, there are other avenues to get traffic besides JVZoo, The Warrior Forum, Blackhatworld or Clickbank – Ezines are like a hidden resource, if you can get your advert in the right Ezine you can build substantial traffic, and the advertising is normally very reasonable in cost.

You will recall that ‘Targeting’ is what all successful online business is about, and the more you can focus your targeting the more likely you will attain success, and income. There are literally thousands of Ezines being published out there, and they are extremely effective. Even in these times Ezines are still very popular.

One of the earliest websites to deal with Ezines, and Ezine advertising is The Directory of Ezines, and this is owned by a gentleman by the name of Charlie Page. This site is very different to the standard directory sites because it offers very much more. Knowledge is power, it is said because what you know can make a huge difference. You can go through life not finding very much out, just following the same path as everyone else, but you know what? You will not attain very much, and your life will be a stunted, dull little event. The difference in knowing how to do different things can mean your life will be a fabulous ride, one that you will look back on and smile with satisfaction of a full life, lived to the hilt – or you can just be dimly aware that it could have been better.

Ezines Are Alive & Very Well!

The Directory of Ezines is not widely known about, it is not like JVZoo, or Clickbank – but it offers something these over used places cannot: a unique opportunity and education. This site provides training, information, insights into how to build an online business from a guy who has been in the business since the early days. Charlie Page is a genuine person, not a ‘guru’ but a teacher. If you seek something a little different, but powerful and genuine then you should check out The DOE. I am a lifetime member, and it has provided me with substantial traffic I would not normally be able to generate.

So the Directory of Ezines provides a very detailed list of Ezines that all offer us advertising space, all organized into topics, so it does not matter what you wind up working with, Health, B2B, Muscle Building, Technology, Music, Web Writing, Keeping Pet Lizards…there is an Ezine for you. The training and bonus features of the DOE offer you additional value, the training alone is worth the price of admission, this site really is unique and valuable!

If you are online for any length of time you tend to look around and it is amazing what is out there, one person cannot possibly explore everything, and that is why it is worthwhile sharing your discoveries. Evergreen sites like The DOE is a classic example, and I notice Charlie Page has now completely re-vamped his well established site, to bring it into line with our current times…

If you are interested in any kind of affiliate marketing, blogging, niche-based marketing you will find something to help you on The DOE, Charlie Page is one of the gentlemen of the online space, he is no youngster, his experience and insight is generously given in all that he does – plus his health is not so good these days, but he keeps giving. I am not trying to soft sell anyone here, some sites are worthwhile, there really is a lot of crap out there, so when quality is discovered, it is worth promoting.

Ezines are one of those ‘evergreen’ aspects of the internet, much like article marketing which everyone thinks is dead but is in fact even more effective today, SEO and link building is greatly enhanced by syndicating content – and what are articles other than ‘Content’?

Take a look for yourself, no pressure – I have got a ton of value from my membership, chances are you will too. And yes I might get a little if you decide to sign up I am completely transparent about that – isn’t this what we do online provide our experiences of different products which you would not otherwise be aware of? If you think being a member of The Warrior Forum is of value, you will get a lot more out The DOE and it has been in operation much longer; check it out for yourself and get an inside advantage!




Can You Really Get Started For Free?

How To Build An Online Business If You Are Broke


How Can You Make Money Online Without Spending Money?

 You know one of the most often asked questions I have seen in forums and social media groups over the years is: ‘Is it possible to build an online business even if you don’t have money to invest in it?’ I am always tempted to say “NO!” And in all honesty I would have to say it is definitely ‘better’ if you have a few bucks for hosting and a decent WordPress theme at least.But from my own experience the answer is yes!

You can definitely launch and grow an entire Internet-based business without having to spend a single penny for any tools. No Cost Income Stream can help you learn all of the details, but let’s look at a few valuable lessons, and approaches right now.

Choose a No Cost Business Model

You can make money without spending money by promoting products and services. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money several different ways. Most people are familiar with the more well-known affiliate sites like Amazon, ClickBank and Commission Junction. But there are some profitable sites that you might not be aware of yet. You can look for PLR affiliate programs. This is where you promote content packs for other marketers. You can find them by doing an Internet search for PLR sites and see if they have an affiliate program. You can also become a WordPress theme affiliate. StudioPress, Elegant Themes & WooThemes create WordPress themes and they all have affiliate programs that are free to join.

eCommerce is really huge these days, it seems nearly everyone wants to set up a ‘Dropshipping’ site or to sell physical goods, and you can do this really cheaply with a program like ‘Shopify’, which also has an affiliate program. Woocommerce is one of the better shoppingcarts for WordPress, and it is free, but not everyone wants to build their own!

If you’re part of their affiliate program, you can promote them. If someone buys a theme through your link, you get a percentage of that sale. You’re not just limited to digital products – you can also promote actual physical goods.

You’ll find many of these online. But you can also find them offline. Any store that you can physically walk into could possibly have an affiliate program. Walmart has one! What they pay their affiliates depends on the product category that you promote. Zappos also has an affiliate program. You can promote anything from clothing to home goods. Sears has an affiliate program, too – but they’re picky about who they allow to promote. You have to have a certain amount of traffic each month for your site before they’ll consider letting you sign up.

Here’s a tip for you: if you do decide to promote for a store that has an affiliate program – use contextual links in the body of your blog posts. Don’t just use the banners provided by the store- there is ‘banner blindness’ and folks think  they are adverts. If you use pictures of the product on your site, make sure the picture is an affiliate link for you.

So-called ‘High Ticket’ affiliate programs enable you to make fat commissions from highly targeted traffic – this is the big secret behind all affiliate marketing, the more specialized and unique the ‘niche’ the easier it is to make sales IF you go about it the right way. Getting 500 targeted visitors per month on a high ticket affiliate site, with one or two sales can be well worth it; certainly better than 10,000 visitors who all click away after 5 seconds! People worry about the numbers, when they should be concerned with ‘Targeting’ and conversion.

Many site visitors click on pictures and you don’t want to miss out on that commission. Besides affiliate marketing, you can make money online through ‘ghostwriting’.

You can ghostwrite for business clients, for other marketers and for other bloggers. You can write articles, reports and text for web pages. Many of these people who need this kind of work done started out online the same way you are. When they first started, they looked for ways to earn without having to spend money. But now that their business has grown, they have a lot of need for product output without having a lot of time to keep up with the demand of people who want to learn from them.

So they hire ghostwriters. You can help by offering your services to give them more elbow room. You can write everything, from a blog post to a book for a marketer. You’ll be earning money while you’re growing your own business, until one day, it will be you who has the need to hire a ghostwriter. When you ghostwrite, you’re working on products that someone else created through their expertise. You can do the same. You can create products that are your own and actively promote those items.

What you can create will depend on what niche you select, what you have knowledge about, or what you learn about. If you’re into lawns and gardening, you could create a report on how to deal with the most common pest problems associated with lawns and gardening. Anything that successful marketers create, you can create, too. If they’re creating eBooks, you can do the same. It’s wise to study what the competition is doing to see how they’re making their money.

Everyone has something that they’re good at. For some, that’s helping other people make life changes. You may be the type of person who instinctively knows how to guide people to help them see the direction they really want to go in life.

You could get into coaching people.

The type of coaching you can do will depend on whatever it is that you’re good at. If you’re good at knowing how to handle affiliate marketing, then you could turn around and sell your services as a coach in that area. If knowing how to get a lot of site traffic is your area of expertise, then you can do that. Whatever skills you have that help you meet goals in your life, you can bet that someone else may be able to benefit from your insight – and they’d be willing to pay for your knowledge.

You could become a coach based on your expertise in an area that’s a hobby of yours. If you’re good at training dogs, you can coach others on how to do that. Think about all of the skills that you have in your life that you can use to make money. You probably have more skills that others can use than you may think. Another route that you can go to earn money online without spending money is to become a virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant, you can earn by leveraging skills that you probably already have. Though many people hire a virtual assistant for help in their personal lives, others hire one to handle various tasks associated with running a business.

They use a VA to answer their email and handle running their social media sites. Sometimes they might want to hire a VA to do the research involved with a certain project.

You could be hired to perform one big task or several smaller ones. A virtual assistant keeps others organized and accomplishes what has to be done. Many virtual assistants got their start simply because they put the skills that they had in marketing to good use. No Cost Income Stream is a good guide that can help you learn how to use affiliate sites.  


Make the Most of Free Tools Available to You

MailChimp allows you to build your own email list for free. You can have up to two thousand subscribers on your list and you can email them throughout the month with information about your business. When you sign up for an account with MailChimp, you get to create a mailing list. After you do that, take the sign up code and add it to your widgets section in WordPress or Blogger – or Wix/Weebly e.t.c

Having an email list filled with subscribers is important for the success of your online business because a list can help you grow your customer base. When you’re first starting your list, you should email your subscribers with useful tools and information.

MailChimp will even let you split test your emails. You can use the A/B testing to determine important things like what time of day is best for sending, which subject lines convert best, and what type of campaigns are the most productive. There are some other free Email platforms, with autoresponder tools- InInBox is a good one I have used in the past.

If you are a WordPress site builder there are some excellent free Email systems available in the form of plugins: Mailpoet is one I have used to great effect, it has an ‘Autoresponder’ module that you can use with either your own Cpanel hosting, OR a third party delivering service. Free plugin.


There is a long list of free digital business tools on this site, keep this in mind.

By tweaking one thing at a time, you’ll learn what types of content your audience responds to. You’ll want to make sure that you have good keywords in everything that you write because keywords help your potential customers be able to find you online. It’s important to use short tail and long tail keywords. You don’t have to rely on your own expertise to be able to figure out which words to use. You can get help from a keyword tool – and there are some good free ones. is one of them. You simply type your word into the query box and you’ll get a list of keywords broken down by some random suggestions the site pulled from the alphabetical list and the rest will be listed under the alphabetical letter.

For example, if you type in ‘gardening’, you might get “gardening tips” at the top, but if you scroll down to the “t” section, you’ll see not only “gardening tips” but “gardening tool set”.  If you click on “gardening tool set” the keywords are broken down even more.

The Google Keyword Planner will allow you to see the volume of people searching for certain keywords. But it will also let you know what kind of competition you’ll be facing by choosing certain keywords. For example, if you choose to use “gardening,” you’ll see the monthly searches and you’ll see that the competition for that word is fairly high.  But if you add the word “organic” to make it “organic gardening,” then you’ll see that the competition is lower.

The reason that using a keyword tool is important is because you’ll be able to see what kind of website traffic is estimated for those keywords and you can choose the ones that will bring visitors to your site.

Graphics are an important part of an online business owner’s arsenal. The right graphics can help you promote your product or services and make you look like a professional.

There are plenty of resources to help you grab professional graphics for free. SmashingMagazine offers a freebies section. This section frequently features graphics like icons, social media buttons, and vectors. You also have the option of creating your own graphics using a range of Saas graphic platforms-see that free list on this site.

You’ll be able to use many of these freebies in both personal and commercial projects – including services you offer or products you create. But you’ll have to read the guidelines carefully because there are a few icon sets that have restrictions.

The site is really great for license free photos and images,and this one is also fantastic for web developers and bloggers.  But photos aren’t all you can download for free. There are also free audio clips, free video clips, and free illustrations.

You can use these images for free, provided you credit the photographer. If you can’t credit the creator, then you can purchase the image for a few dollars and use it freely. Next, you want to make sure that you have a blog for whatever business you have. Many businesses use free blogging sites when they’re first starting out so that they can save on the cost. 

Which blog service you choose should depend on how you plan to use it. If you plan to do affiliate marketing, don’t use Their terms of service prevent you from including affiliate links in your posts. You’re also not allowed to sell any type of product using a blog from

Blogger is a better choice if you’re interested in affiliate marketing. Many people have successfully used Blogger to earn money through affiliate programs. You’re even allowed to include ads on your Blogger site through AdSense.

If you’re looking to have a shopping cart on your blog, then you should try Weebly instead of Blogger. Weebly has its own blog structure and comes with a shopping cart option.

Using a free Weebly account, you can sell up to ten products. These can be digital or tangible products or a mix of both. If your site grows beyond ten products, you can always upgrade your account later.


Promote Your Products and Services for FREE on the ‘Net’


Thanks to social media, advertising has gotten easier than ever. Social media can allow you to connect with customers in other countries that never would have heard of your business otherwise. There are several popular social media sites that you can use to promote your online business. Facebook is one of the most popular social media networking sites.

For your online business, you should set up a fan page. When a Facebook user likes your fan page, they’ll get updates from you in their feed. You can also use it to interact with your customers and build a fan base.

You are allowed to have a targeted domain on Facebook. Instead of having a random URL, you can have one that’s specific for your business. If you sold chocolates, you could have that in your URL by having something like

Twitter is a social media service that lets you share updates in 140 characters or less. These updates are called tweets. You can embed media like videos and photos in your tweets.

Providing a steady mix of content will keep your followers interested in what you have to say. But don’t constantly use it to get into someone’s face with a BUY NOW type of tweet. Interact, but don’t be pushy.

YouTube is a social media site that’s centered around videos (no shit Sherlock). Users can post videos, comment on other users’ videos, and create playlists. This may surprise you, but YouTube is a popular search engine. Many visitors go to YouTube and type in a keyword like “dog training.” If you have a video on dog training that has a good description, your video might appear in the search results. YouTube is in fact a free ‘University’ where you can learn how to do a crazy amount of things.

You can use YouTube to drive traffic to your website, or you can use it to promote your services. Again, make sure you follow their rules or you might find your video account shut down. Produce videos which actually provide value, don’t expect people to respond to blatant sales messages because they just won’t!

The social network site Pinterest is an easy way to share pictures. Users ‘pin’ images to various boards. This allows users to find their favorite products or website again.

It’s a great social networking opportunity – especially if you’re in a field that relies heavily upon design such as an artist or web designer.  Infographics go over well here, and users often Share pins, helping your posts go viral.

Don’t forget to join Google Plus. This is the social media network that the search engine, Google created. Google Plus allows you to add users in circles. These circles allow you to choose which of your followers see your status.

You could have a circle for family and one for marketing. Your status about your cat’s antics could be restricted to family while your blog post about a new product could be viewable only to your marketing followers.


Prep Yourself to Level Up By Investing in Your Business


Once you’ve learned the tips found in No Cost Income Stream, you can leverage that into a bigger financial turnaround for your business. The more money that you invest in your business, the more money you’ll be able to earn. While all of the free tools that are available can be a big help when you’re first starting out, many of them do have limitations and you certainly don’t want to limit your earning potential.

If you start out using MailChimp, eventually, as your business grows, you’re going to outgrow the amount of subscribers you can have on there. So you’ll need to switch to another autoresponder and you’re going to want to pay to get a good one. Aweber is an autoresponder that – while it’s a paid one – is still pretty inexpensive, and you get a lot of features with them. You get customizable templates for crafting email or to use on your website.

If I’m honest though I have to say I prefer Get Response as a paid email platform, I have used both and Get Response has a much higher ‘open rate’, is easier to use and has much more modern templates and graphics to use. But either are good – you will have to decide!

But you also get email tracking with the use of their analytics programs. This lets you see what’s happening to the email you send out. You’ll get follow up tools and tools that allow you to specifically target subscribers with information that’s relevant to them.

After you can afford it, you’ll want to invest in paid keyword tools because you’ll be able to access more information that will help you draw in more traffic and build a bigger customer base.

Market Samurai is one of the paid keyword tools that is actually very good. Among the features that it offers is the ability to identify the best places to promote your website. It also teaches users how to monetize your website.

With keyword use, it’s one of the best programs you can buy. It shows users how valuable a keyword is – both through organic use as well as with paying venues. There are many paid tools that each deliver valuable keyword insights.

You can use graphics on your minisites for different tasks – such as to help you sell a product or to get someone to subscribe to a list. These graphics are used to get the customer to take a specific action.

For example, like a big, red sign up arrow with a Buy Now button. You can start out free and then upgrade to paid graphics using a professional site designer.

Your lowest paid graphics might come from Fiverr, but then as you make more money, you’ll be able to invest with a professional designer who has complete packages.

When you want to put money into your business, you’ll want to look at paid traffic, too. This is traffic that comes to your sites through the use of means you pay for-such as Facebook ads (the best paid traffic on the planet for many business areas), or Google Adwords, or YouTube paid ads.

Facebook, while it’s a free social networking site, also has paid ads. So you might post to your Fan Page for free, you also have the ability to “Boost” that post using a paid advertisement, but I always use the ‘power editor’ and craft a ‘Dark Post’ – this is a post which is linked to one of your Facebook pages, so it looks like an ordinary post, people respond to it like an item of interest. The big trick here is to put together a ‘funnel’ once your dark post has captured the visitor’s interest you need to go to work and provide value – a video/ebook/article which creates even more interest and impresses your customer. Direct your traffic, use the opportunity.

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, Dark Posts are the best value for advertising money currently available. I happen to agree.

Starting out on a shoestring budget (or no budget at all) is nothing to be ashamed of. Many people have done it and gone on to create thriving Internet-based businesses – this is completely true, look I would not lie to you, read up on Google about them, just type in:’ people who have internet businesses who started with no money’. You can do this, you just need to try and keep on trying.

Contact me with any questions, Good luck!




The Value Of Expired Domains

Gaining SEO Benefits From The Beginning

expired domains

Building a brand new website with a domain you dream up is a long, hard road. Of course it is great to have a fresh project and a totally unique brand name. The current state of play online is extremely competitive, there are business entities with enormous resources to throw at their online efforts – if you are a solo-preneur striving to build your empire it is a struggle.

One way of gaining a lot of SEO power easily is to search out expired domains. There is nothing new about this, but the methods now available can make a big difference, the really valuable domains are always snapped up pretty quick; but if you are diligent and apply some of these ‘free’ methods you might just grab yourself something that could change your life. If you can find domains with good all round metrics – NOT just ‘Trust Flow’ – it can mean your project gains favorable ranking, good news!

Dom Cop  is my favorite source of expired domains, also this is used by a lot of SEO people so you need to be on-the-ball. This recent video from Josh MacDonald goes through how to snap up good domains, process and eliminate the spammy crap and quickly spot the high-value ones. All using free tools, it takes a bit of work and attention but hey, the results can be literally life-changing. Check it out.