Internet Publishing And Fake News

All the current talk around ‘fake news’ has alarming implications for us all – we might just be on the verge of an Orwellian type crack down on free speech and political discussion – the stakes are high!

George Orwell could never have imagined the peril of our times
George Orwell could never have imagined the peril of our times

Fake News Is B.S

Any student of journalism, media or modern culture is familiar with the concept of ‘Bias’. The idea that a news collection, and syndication business can be totally objective is completely absurd in the light of reality. You might recall a song written by Bob Dylan, not one of his better ones, where he says ‘You gotta serve somebody’ – this about sums up the whole circus.

Even taking a completely candid, impartial look at the industry of mass media it is abundantly clear that each group is owned, operated and managed by specific people of a particular political complexion – it is inevitable.

‘News’ is not just about reporting basic events as they occur, although this can certainly be a part of it, but always we are being given an interpretation of events, and the positioning of these reports, the provided contexts and unspoken narratives, then create the actual message we are expected to respond to. This can be a complex study, and if you are not used to being analytical it can be tricky.

If we are to be fully aware of how we respond, if we have any pretense at being discerning about forming our opinions, then we must be very careful about what we we base our ideas on! The monopoly of information which the mainstream media once completely held sway over is no longer the case. We can either choose to ignore this and become irrelevant ourselves, or participate!

Mainstream News Threatened

When a major commercial News entity is threatened it is of course obvious that they would seek to discredit what they see as the source of this threat – in this case it is the proliferation of Internet-based News & Current Affairs, a proportion of which is always click-bait aggregation style sites which have little to offer other than lots of advertising and sometimes blatantly untrue reports BUT, there are a lot of groups which simply disagree with the mainstream accounts. It is up to us as consumers to verify our sources, not the commercial News companies who are acting as censors. they seek to have these alternative media shut down (of course!). They directly challenge their authority, often having way more views and holding stronger online positions. 

If you check the Internet positions of these sites compared to the mainstream outlets like ‘CNN’ they are way ahead – people are sick of being manipulated and treated like sheep. Alternatives are always welcomed to the arena of News, at least by us the great public of the world who want to form our opinions on the best information available. It is deeply concerning that political factions and commercial interests are taking it on themselves to tell us what is ‘good for us’, Obama (The Democrats), CNN, MSN, The New York Times, BBC they are all bleating about ‘Fake News’ and it is transparent! 

Very obviously we are not referring to basic reporting of what occurs out there in the world – if an earthquake or Volcano eruption takes place, for example, that is plainly a physical manifestation which can be reported; something either happens or it does not. The kind of ‘news’ these people are suggesting is the interpretation of what personalities get up to, why did Hillary Clinton say ‘We came we saw, he died’ – and what does this signify in terms of what took place in Libya? What are the real reasons for government actions, what is taking place that we are not informed about? These are the critical elements of the argument!

So ‘News’ is not simply about accuracy of reporting, it is the essential nature of how events and occurrences, actions, plans, covert projects, motivations of political actors all combine to produce real outcomes in our lives. It is in fact a complex issue. Not one of veracity alone, but do we tolerate true freedom of speech or are we going to allow powerful groups in our society to call the shots and determine what we have access to? Because this is what they are suggesting covertly, that we shut down various groups online – appalling!

All food for thought! We are living through very interesting times, and the internet once again is the dynamic medium for a lot of change and opportunities for increased freedoms – also the fulcrum by which we might be further controlled and enslaved, our thinking and opinions forged by central agencies. No thanks!


Ethics, Honesty And Doing A Good Job

The tricksters and bullshit artists online should never put you off, there is such an enormous opportunity waiting for you to explore and use-truly.

The doorway to incredible opportunity
The doorway to incredible opportunity

I’m Sick Of All The Crap

One thing has really prevented me from fully embracing the online community, has made me very angry at times and continues to piss me off- and that is the amount of people online who adopt this sly, slick confidence trickster approach to their internet marketing business.

It has become very fashionable to speak of ‘passion’, ‘education’ and ‘story telling’ – well for a lot of people the entire basis of their online work it is a total ‘Story’; it really is time to ‘drain the swamp’ of the digital community and identify those people who persist in exploiting the inexperience of others!

I don’t wish to get carried away with a rant here, I simply want to present the true picture. It is no longer acceptable, on today’s internet, to deceive and trick people out of their hard earned resources by presenting products and services which do not help anyone but the seller!

I know it can be difficult when you are beginning to understand the opportunity of selling online, who can you trust and what are the real opportunities and which are the outright scams? Obviously there is no simple answer to this, you just have to read and research widely, not just the first few search results in Google.

But the rule of thumb still stands, if something just looks too good to be true – it nearly always is a trap, a way for someone to profit at your great expense.

The fact is that these days you can do very well by being upfront and genuine. The tools and resources available to us all enable you to present good quality information, and a high quality experience for your customers.

It is just flat out true that you can learn and develop skills without great expense if you invest the time and effort to research and look for good quality digital information. I have several degrees and I worked in the corporate space for a long time.  

I made my living from teaching and showing others valuable skills, solving weird problems, setting up equipment costing millions of dollars & keeping it all functioning; I tell you this not to brag, but to say: I have learned considerably more, and have been able to achieve way more than all of this ‘mainstream’ education and employment allowed me to do – how? By investing my time and energy into learning online, from YouTube,, and by careful ‘Google’ & “Dark Web” research – it cost me very little but my time. I am grateful and I do not take it for granted.

Too many people these days take it all for granted and have this very casual, ‘who cares’ attitude! It’s true, but if you go against this trend, and focus, actually give a fu#k about what you are doing you will be streets ahead of your buddies and friends – while they are bragging about everything and saying it is all a scam and online rubbish YOU will be learning how to build websites, how to write more effectively, how do things online, valuable practical skills you can translate into money and a better life.

Even if you are simply looking for a better job, this online stuff is what the world is now all about, you can learn just about anything – truly, and you can offer your new skills to employers who will be incredibly grateful that you can help them, they will pay you more!

I know it is difficult, I know there are a lot of crap merchants and big talkers online – because the digital world offers us all a huge opportunity there will always be those who decide to exploit the inexperience of others, it is just the way human beings are – anywhere you look there are clever tricksters who will always opt for the short-cuts; it is a lot easier to steal than it is to build your own.

But there is the real deal, and it is right in front of you, look a little deeper, spend a little more time, practice – take a gamble on yourself and decide to learn how to install WordPress on a cheap hosting account, then take it a step further and search for a nice theme to install, chip away at it, build your website, add a PayPal button on a post to sell a PDF you have compiled on a topic. Incrementally (bit by bit) you will build something impressive and valuable.

Don’t be distracted or put off by negative people – just quietly and steadily add to your knowledge and skills, nobody even needs to be aware of your ambitions. Never mind about the noise, the egos, the bullshit, just carry on and learn, develop. The internet is available and it is yours, it is valuable beyond measure-but most people do not appreciate what it can offer, they are consumers and wasters, you however are different, and you know it! This is my post of encouragement to all the sincere adventurers, to those who are like myself curious, insatiably thirsting for more knowledge and the means to extend yourself.  If you have read up to this point, I congratulate you and invite you to be more!



How ReSale-Rights Books Can Make You Serious Cash

Re-Sale Rights products can enable ordinary people without lots of digital skills to make serious money-but what is it all about and where can you get these products?


Re-Sale Rights Revolution What Is It?

No matter what people say, there’s nothing more important than money.

Money makes the world go round. It is what powers the internet and drives your car. It is what puts food on your plate and police on your streets. It is the reason we go to work and it is often the source of many arguments. In this new millennium, money is the god and if you serve her well, you’ll be better off.

Sad, isn’t it? Despite thousands of years of evolution, we’re still reduced to one simple material desire.

Your fist instinct should be to fight it, to live out in a commune, or prepper homestead- and touch nature, but that’s hardly a realistic plan. Even living out in the woods, you still need to buy the essentials that you need to live, so once again, your life will be controlled by money.

The only way to conquer this system is to rise above it and play the game to win. What I mean to say is that the only way to prevent money from controlling your life is to have enough of it that you don’t need to think about it ever again.

That’s a nice thought, huh? Never having to think about money again. But you probably think that like the commune idea, it’s completely impractical, and that there’s little realistic chance of you making enough money to live your life the way you dream.

Did you know that more money was made online last year by novices than by seasoned internet veterans? It’s true – there is a good reason for this, novices tend to put more honest energy into their presentations, people tend to respond better to this.

A slow revolution is taking place online and for once, it’s in the best interests of people like you. Amazingly!

There was a time when the only people making money online were those people who knew exactly what they were doing. These people, gurus as they were called, were recognizable and knowledgeable. People bought what they were selling because they had a reputation for providing quality.

But slowly, that quality diminished and people became annoyed with the gurus. The market was still there, but there was a huge sales void. People wanted to buy, but had no where and no-one to buy from.

This is how resale rights products became successful. People understood that there were quality products being created, and that they were being sold by ordinary people like you. People stopped buying from those bigger than life internet personalities and started trusting real people.

This is why resale rights products have been the biggest booming industry in the past five years. Resale rights products are created, marketed and then sold by honest, hard-working, regular people. If you’ve been scared off of the prospect of making money online because you don’t think there’s room in the market for you, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

To learn more about resale rights products and how you can start making money in just seven days, or less check it out:

Re-Sale Rights Revolution

High Ticket Affiliate Sales

It is all very well to approach Affiliate Marketing and think about ‘passive income’ – but how can you find really high paying affiliate programs where you do not have to make thousands of sales just to make a few dollars, where are the serious high paying offers?

Luxury & High Ticket Affiliate Programs
Luxury & High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing is popular online, why? Well because it is one of the easiest ways to make some money! You don’t need to create your own product, you can help other people by informing them about quality products they may not be aware of, plus it does not require a lot of technical skills to position yourself – sure you might have to write articles, or produce videos but these days you can use lots of online tools and resources which are easy to learn how to use.

OK, a lot of us know that this affiliate marketing can be profitable, but what about finding decent products to write about, or present on a video-you can’t get rich off $7 eBooks, or even $20 products.

How about something where you don’t have to make too many sales, or that pays out $1000 or more for one sale? So-called ‘High Ticket’ items are what we need!

Build Quality Blogs – Produce Videos

A friend of mine runs a blog about flying air craft – he happens to like anything to do with planes and flying, so he has lots of pilot lessons affiliate links, chartering private jets and even aircraft manufacturers affiliate links-yep you can make a percentage from someone buying their own executive jet, you don’t need many sales per year to bring in some nice cash! Of course his blog is top quality, and he has built a healthy readership of people who have the means and interest in the topic to make purchases.

This is another aspect of eWriting, we can consider ourselves as being ‘Media Companies’, this is the way modern business is going. If you think about it, a lot of business types need to produce content, in today’s digital world content is King (I’m sure you have heard that one before), and it is true that high quality content builds business – from furniture retailers to medical centers, everyone is putting out their branded content to keep people informed and interested in their businesses. eWriting is the major skill of the 21st Century, like I say on this site.

High Paying Affiliate Offers

So where do you find some of these high ticket affiliate offers, how do you sign up to get the big bucks? Well, I’m glad you ask – I have produced a data base of some of the really juicy affiliate programs that I have come across over the years. Each one pays very decent commissions, and yes I have included a private Jet charter program that pays a minimum of $250 for each sale of a charter, Exotic Car Rentals, Luxury Watches, even Hovercraft which can pay $1000 per sale (Conditions apply). 

There is a private yacht charter for those who like to sail the Mediterranean for their holidays – to Medical procedures, to Web development, look there are a heap of high ticket affiliate programs where you can seriously make some big money by letting interested people know about these products through your content.

If you want to grab your copy of this high ticket affiliate data base, on a searchable PDF all you have to do is Sign Up On The Sidebar with your best email address (no bogus ones thanks!) You can start producing your own content with your links included to get semi-passive income coming in for you. Free of charge as a reader of this site.This is a genuine resource-and you can’t find these programs easily!

If you want to explore how to go about being effective and learn the online secrets of affiliate marketing you should check out Mark Ling’s ‘Affilorama‘, a FREE training site for newby affiliates – it is high quality and completely legitimate, I learned a heck of a lot from Mark’s site myself. He has some high end training and ‘done for you’ affiliate options that you pay for, if you want that-but for just learning the ropes and getting started, there is nothing quite like his FREE course anywhere else. No B.S. 

If you want to grab this fantastic collection of high ticket affiliate programs so you can get started on your own projects simply enter your best email address on the sign up applet- and you will be sent the download link almost immediately, although it can depend on your location, it might take a few minutes, also check in different folders of your email – including the ‘junk’ if you have trouble finding the message. 

Live Long And Prosper!


Star Trek What It Teaches Us About Marketing

I am a ‘Trekkie’ from way back. I was 11 years old when the first episode was broadcast in July of 1969 on the BBC in the U.K. From that first episode I was enthralled – I had been a Dr Who fan for years prior to this, and I loved Science Fiction books, I was a complete Nerd as a kid!

But Star Trek had a different quality to all of the other offerings, it had superb technology and accurate science, but it also had a style and sense of humor, often making ironic fun of itself; it was totally believable, as though someone had actually reached into our future and brought back footage to show everyone, perhaps not every episode but the ‘vision’ was powerful in total effect.

Very quickly the language from Star Trek began to diffuse into popular culture, people quoted ‘Beam me up Scottie’ when they were in trying circumstances, or ‘Sir, the engines canny take much morre!’, ‘Fascinating’ & ‘That is not logical’, ‘Warp Drive’ were widely adopted-when the language of a show becomes widely adopted it enters the public arena and becomes culturally assimilated.

But the Star Trek universe seemed to have an influence beyond the usual blatantly commercial off-spins and merchandising.  This was no ephemeral fad, the position Star Trek now occupies in western culture goes well beyond mere entertainment- it is a true phenomenon; the technology and even the values of the Federation have become serious influences.

Other Science Fiction productions have been popular, and have also influenced society in ways that are often surprising when you look more closely at them. There is a valid sociological idea that we build our own future by imagining and creating the shape of new technologies, and importantly the character and details of how we could live into the future.

We are all familiar with ‘1984’ by George Orwell & ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley as projections of a future that is not so grand – in fact they are dreadful, frightening and downright disturbing – not at all what we would wish for our future descendants!

Conspiracy Theorists?

There are current social commentators and philosophers who regularly alert us to the alarming similarity of what is now happening, and what is definitely developing towards the realization of these dark visions of our world. Too often the mainstream machinery dismisses these people as ‘crackpots’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’; all too often this is way too convenient and lazy minded – we would do well to consider exactly what is taking place in our time which is not matching the positive vision of Gene Roddenberry.

Star Trek as a positive affirmation of humanity is certainly a large part of its general appeal. We like to imagine human beings as being noble, striving for the well being ‘of the many’ – the Vulcan aphorism:  “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” is in-fact one of the primary concepts underpinning democracy, you might say it is the essence of it.

The ‘will of the people’ is taken from holding elections; but those who control the choices, who actually determine what we can choose from are the real holders of power!

We as collective groups of people living in our different countries often fail to understand that the few who actually provide the options we select from, do not necessarily operate in our favor, nor do they have to be democratic!

The enormous power of the financial groups who control global currencies, glimpsed in the institutions such as the IMF, The Federal Reserve, The City of London – here we can clearly see great power being wielded that is completely independent of our legal and political structures.

We are oblivious, for the most part, of the covert world behind financial institutions; the people who wield the true power of our society are not visible, or talked about in magazines, talk-shows and gossip blogs. The vast majority of people could not care less about politics, or the lives of others-we are essentially a narcissistic, selfish and shallow society whose only true ambition is to make more money and indulge our fantasies, fulfill our dreams of avarice.

In the universe of Star Trek money has completely disappeared, humanity has developed fusion technology which removes the need to purchase energy, which is the basis of ‘money’ – money represents quanta of energy, which we know is the ‘capacity to do work’ from our high school physics. Money simply represents the ability to wield resources and mobilize ideas – the billionaire invests in other companies so that they can enact their projects, this is the way that energy is transacted.

It was in the early 1900’s that Nicola Tesla developed a means for sourcing electrical energy from the space around the planet, and then transmitting it to people through the air, like radio waves! Don’t believe it? 


This is the famous transmission tower Tesla built, but he encountered problems with funding, always he was betrayed and misunderstood and very badly treated; his ideas were just too advanced for the times he lived (they still are!). His being Croatian, and English not being a strong language for him, his natural sense of playfulness and humor, the myopic financiers and investors-all of this conspired to defeat his efforts.

Really a very sad story. But Star Trek is very closely related to Tesla, this same sense of vision and possibility, together with enormous intelligence and technical ability is the world Star Trek presents.

If Tesla had developed a more entrepreneurial approach perhaps our world would be very different today. As it is he gave us the technology of Alternating Current which is the mode of electrical power generation and delivery in use around the world. Edison hated ‘AC’ and pushed for his Direct Current model – but it was Tesla’s work which gained favor, despite Edison staging all kinds of demonstrations of the perils of AC. Edison was a complete fraud, but he is the ‘genius’ that kids get taught about in high schools – Tesla barely rates a mention and only because it is obvious he gave us ‘AC’!

What About Star Trek And Us?

So how does the writing of an ex L.A cop, Gene Roddenberry, and the emergence of Star Trek with it’s ‘good guys in space’ theme, faster-than-light propulsion and its world of the ‘Federation of Planets’ relate to internet marketing and being an entrepreneur?

Just look at it, a global community of fans who meet at conventions, spin offs everywhere, film franchises lasting into our own time-and beyond; even a satirical spoof movie ‘Galaxy Quest’: it is a multi-billion dollar enterprise (pun intended!).

If you can build an appealing concept, and attract people you have a business. Not all of us can be as creative as Mr Roddenberry, or as fortunate in being understood. We can however present our ideas, products and services to a huge market. We no longer require the middle men, the agents and producers – we have WordPress, graphics, video and the WWW!

Just think for a second what this provides, a little SEO, a little promotion on social media and there you have it. Of course it is never that easy! But when you consider the obstacles people faced prior to the internet, it is a walk-in-the-park by comparison.

The mass market of 4+ billion people can be reached through using multiple channels. Facebook alone is enormous, people simply do not understand the opportunity it represents because of its superficial role as a social media content platform.  The advertising spend needed to reach 10,000 people is insignificant compared with the cost of Television, or Radio, Newspaper advertising – somebody with modest means can indeed launch their message, use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and genuinely reach specific demographic groups.

If you can understand what this means, you will be able to commence leveraging the opportunity – THIS is what eWriting is all about.





The Wisdom Of Gary Vaynerchuk


Examples of currently successful digital entrepreneurs are never very far away, we see them being presented and consume their messages and content all the time. We might change our ‘heroes’ according to what we experience, and if we receive valuable information and inspiration from them, or not.

In these often crazy times we all live in, the cult of personality seems to have grown larger with the internet – it is now much easier for individuals to reach us, to focus their message and build their audiences in vast numbers. Media is abundant and cheap to use, it seems there is a personality figurehead to lead just about any ‘flavor’ of ideas, opinion, movement, disease, genre, art, sport. It seems we all love to follow our heroes!

Certainly one of my favorite personalities that represents the successful ‘little guy makes good’ story has to be Gary Vaynerchuk. You might know of ‘GaryVee’ or have heard of him, perhaps you have never heard of him. For those who are not familiar this is a very condensed biography:

Gary Vaynerchuk was born in the Soviet Union (when there was such a place) in Belarus – his family left and emigrated to the USA when Gary was very young 2 years old. So Gary grew up in New York, his father gained employment in the liquor industry and eventually saved enough to buy a small liquor store of his own. As Gary developed it was pretty obvious he had an entrepreneurial flair – selling collector sports cards on weekends making several thousand dollars per week(!) Gary’s dad put him through college, but he was not an academically inclined student, he scraped through. On graduating Gary came to work in the family liquor store, taking a pay cut from his own side businesses. Gary had the idea of running a video-based weekly wine show, demonstrating varieties of wine being stocked, discussing local & international wines; he published the ‘Wine Library T.V’ on YouTube 10 years ago when YouTube had only just got started.

You can read the story in much greater detail online if you want, but the upshot of all this is that Gary Vaynerchuk was able to boost the sales of his family’s liquor store from an annual 3 million dollars in sales to 56 million through promoting the business using this revolutionary ‘new’ social media platform.

From being able to massively improve the family liquor store business, Gary gained the insight and confidence to invest in emerging social media platforms, and then set up his own digital media company ‘Vaynermedia’ with his brother. The acclaim and reputation that Gary Vaynerchuk built from 2006 from harnessing the WWW platforms demonstrated very powerfully just how much the business world was changing, and the crucial need to adapt and leverage this emerging technology, and importantly the culture online

He was so successful in doing all of this that Fortune 500 business owners began seeking him out for guidance and help in transitioning their 20th Century marketing into the 21st Century. Vaynermedia now has many prestigious clients that invest millions with the agency to promote their business. Gary is also a keynote speaker who is much in demand, his entire business is built on the integrity and genuine quality of his own clear sighted awareness of the changing nature of the business world.

A truly spectacular success story, one that I cannot help but admire and learn from myself. Gary’s message and teaching is appreciated by a great many ‘Start Up’ dreamers and entrepreneurs – the great thing about Gary’s content is that he is not selling you anything, he does not need to, he is not selling training courses or eBooks, or membership sites. Occasionally Gary writes a book, and he promotes this but this is not the central plank of his business. His last book: Jab Jab Jab, Right-Hook’ is all about the approach of providing value before you ask for a sale. Simple right? You provide genuine value and actionable information, and only after you have built trust and authentic relationships do you then ‘right hook’ with your sale message.

Here is a classic piece of GaryVee inspiration, you will either get it, or completely not get it 😉

Truth right? We will all die one day, it might be in 80 years or today – we never know this date but you can count on it so you need to do something about it, get your dreams and your desire going on the road. Stop whining, stop messing around, stop being afraid, stop procrastinating. All of your time will run out anyway, the time will elapse it will pass, so you may as well get some value out of your time-stop hoping and start doing!

So yeah, this is what I like about Gary Vaynerchuk he is actually a real person not a ‘personality’, not a bullshit poser, he cares about people and is not afraid to reveal this – he loves business, he loves observing what is taking place and then leveraging this. Social media is interesting, but more importantly people use it in huge quantities, you can make this work for you- it is plain practical reality. Get to work and stop worrying about perfection, get something published, build your business, blog or app, whatever it is that takes your fancy. But just start and keep going!

Building A Professional Website With Free Software

The secret weapon of many successful online entrepreneurs is ‘WordPress’ – the software content management system which enables non-coders to seriously disrupt the web development space, it is no longer the sole province of tech experts. The sheer versatility of WordPress is a game changer.

learn wordpress

A Fully Functioning Professional Business Website

Long gone are the days when having your business website coded by a designer/developer was the only option.

I am not talking about clunky free software that results in something that looks like it is from 1998, these days WordPress is a slick professional platform that can produce a very wide range of websites-very good websites indeed.

People always get confused about WordPress because of the dot com version that is widely known as a blogging platform. The WordPress I am talking about is the software version from – this has an SQL data base driving it and is hosted on private hosting accounts – this means your own rented piece of cyber real estate which nobody else can interfere with – it is the only way to operate in today’s digital business world.

Anyway, 25% of all websites on the internet today are based on the software version of WordPress, it is a content management system-which simply means it has an administration back end with which you manage your pages & articles, your content and styling is produced using a word processor style ‘wysiwyg’ editor, themes (a bit like templates) you can also apply CSS if you want to get adventurous (it is not hard) and a whole raft of software plugins which enable you to add all kinds of additional functionality. It is a sweet machine!

And no, you do not need to know coding to produce excellent quality sites, although if you do pick up a little CSS & know some basic HTML tagging it will help you, but absolutely not required. The page builders now available have made it even easier – but you still need to have some idea of what you are doing, where to position sections, and how to produce different results. ‘Divi’ type page builders are now everywhere. Beaver, Thrive, Pootlepress, SiteOrigin – you need to choose one you resonate with.


Here is a great tutorial which takes you through building a superb, very high quality website you can use for your own purposes, or build for a local business. The step-by-step approach is easy to follow and everything is covered, very thorough. You will have the confidence and skills to make your own beautiful WordPress site, you can include a blog section also. The tutorial is from my associate Josh from – Josh is very thorough and provides step-by-step instructions a toddler can follow.

There are many WordPress tutorials available on YouTube, finding out how to use this software is not the hard part, the hard part is actually taking action and having the patience and resolution to apply what you learn!

And This Is To Build A Professional Site Using The ‘Divi’ Theme, A Modern Theme That has a page building tool- I recommend getting the  Bluehost  hosting as opposed to Hostgator, they are more reliable and it is a faster system – I used Hostgator myself for a few years but it changed and the level of support is not good.

If you want the very best WordPress hosting available WP Engine is the way to go, this is for the truly serious developer and site owner seeking the fastest site speeds – I include it because some people want the very best, and this is about the best available, Bluehost is good, but WPEngine is better.

You can get the fabulous Divi theme right here – Elegant Themes have many other themes which are great for different projects, all for the one low price – I can recommend them, they also provide a lot of good user support and a very active forum where people report the problems they encounter – it’s pretty good!

A lot of people go to the Themeforest site and pick up all kinds of specialized themes – these are expensive and in my experience more trouble than they are worth, they are too complex and the coding is not always clean. You can gain professional results with Elegant Themes, but it is all about having options this is what identifies the professional operator, access to options that suit specific circumstances, online is never “generic”. Other good WordPress themes which I have used are:

  • StudioPress – GENESIS Framework, This is an actual framework that is designed to boost your site with very powerful silo-type structuring and some of the cleanest coding in the business. Google loves Genesis sites! You will need to learn how to build with Genesis but it is not difficult, it is a development on the WordPress system, this is seriously good.
  • Woo Themes – The Woo company is based in Cape Town, South Africa and they are the people who produce the very famous “Woo Commerce” eCommerce system used by millions of web shop owners. As opposed to using something like Shopify, or Volusion where you are committed to being a customer of their platform, you can be independent with “Woo” and own your assets, it is a personal choice. Anyway, they also produce a lot of WordPress themes which are excellent, some free ones, top quality and superb coding!
  • OptimizePress – this is the Go-To theme for a lot of internet marketing type people. This is also a framework style development, you can produce a dazzling range of results, from simple sales pages to very large membership sites. Chances are the gurus you are signed up with and the last shiny object you purchased was from an OptimizePress site, expensive but excellent versatility and quality.
  • Thrive Themes – Another European company, these guys are good. Their page building technology has changed the game for many web development businesses, mine included! They offer themes and plugins to enable you to produce a spectacular result, if you have some money and you want top results, Thrive Themes are brilliant.

I have included this section as way to help those people who may not be familiar with WordPress, it is the result of my own experience and using the products, I have included links to the companies mentioned, some of them are affiliate – but most are just plain links. You may not be aware, but an affiliate link does not add any charge to you at all – I never provide links to anything I have not used myself and found to be genuinely helpful & of high quality, there’s no point otherwise!

If you discover that you need help, or advice or guidance by all means give me a shout, I have been known to help people – it is no shame to seek out assistance it is how we learn and grow. I have been working with WordPress for 7 years now, I think it is still the very best way to learn about internet business – sort of like the ‘gateway drug’ of internet marketing, basically you can build whatever you need with it.