Digital Entrepreneur Training – SEO

Search Engine Optimization

The entire area of search engine optimization (SEO) is fraught with controversy. No other topic has produced such a diversity of opinion, discussion and disagreement. So what actually IS SEO, is a definition possible that actually conveys meaningful information? I think so, and many of my associates and colleagues also agree. ‘Optimizing’ means to adjust and tweak something so that is the best that it can be. So optimizing your web content simply means you are publishing stuff online that is able to be found by the right people, the people you intend to address. Fair enough, but as always the devil is in all the detail.

People who are skilled with adjusting web property to maximize it being visible, and to enable the very highest traffic rates for that property are often labelled ‘Data Scientists’, but most often simply ‘SEO Experts’ but this implies that doing SEO can be difficult – this is not always the case and we can do many things to help our published materials achieve the very best results for us with a range of quite simple measures. This section will provide you with some valuable tools, insights and skills that you can then apply to your own sites & pages, videos and other items you publish online – plus you can go on to help others and even get paid to do so!