eWriting Course Modules

Level 1 Hard-Core Web Writing

It is not always obvious, but writing is the essential part of business building online. We browse through pages and platforms, take in information without even registering the fact. Sure, ‘Video’ is big, but even with video there is writing of slides, scripting, every part of producing video demands writing.

So we need to be very much aware of our writing. Sales of every kind occur because someone has an emotional response to what we present. ‘EQ’ is critical. Emotional Intelligence trumps IQ every time. This may be a challenging concept to you, after all we attend schools and colleges and our IQ is apparently what we are developing, right? We go into debt with massive student loans in the quest to get our career off to a good start.

There are people with very little schooling, no university and who are ‘dumber than dirt’ making more than a qualified surgeon makes in a year, every month! That might sound like hyperbole, exaggeration – I assure you this is cold hard truth.

So, what is this ‘EQ’? When we respond to something we read, we feel like we ‘know’ the character who is speaking with us, we feel anger, envy, empathy & admiration – this means that writer has been successful in reaching us, our emotions are triggered. Purchase decisions are always emotional, we buy with our gut, our sense of pride, prestige, spite, whatever it might be – we then justify our purchase with reason and logic “That was a good price and I really needed to upgrade my car’, “All my clothes are wearing out, and I desperately needed that new pair of boots’. Sound familiar?

 Freelance Writing As A Lever, And Core Skill

Why Freelance Writing? Freelance Writers are in HUGE demand right now and this growing industry will continue to grow for years to come. To put things in perspective, as long as the internet is around there will always be a demand for freelance writers.  Most of you realize that offline jobs (especially the good paying ones) are becoming few and far between.

The ones that are available are highly competitive, and require a high level of education and experience. Did you know, that the average Freelance Writer makes about the same salary as a Mechanical Engineer, Nurse, Teacher? http://www.indeed.com/salary/q-Freelance-Writers-l-United-States.html

Being a Mechanical Engineer, or any skilled profession takes years of schooling at a great cost.

Do you know how much time and money you’d spend to be a professional Freelance Writer? About 60 days and – at very little cost to you! Believe it or not, this 7 day Freelance Writing e-course will get you well on your way to making over $50,000/year.

Of course you will develop more as you practice, but getting started is the important bit. Freelance Writing is for you if…

• You’re out of work or tired of your current offline job

• You’re looking for a long term online career

• You’re looking for steady income

• You’d like to work where you want, when you want!

• You’re not looking to invest in a lot of time, energy and expense learning a new skill that’s in high demand What you DON’T need to have to be a highly paid Freelance Writer…

• Experience

• Education

• Good looks (ha!)

• Perfect spelling and grammar (spelling & grammar checking is automatic)

• It helps if you can write to a reasonable level, but you don’t need college. Now that we have the intro out of the way, let’s get started into the meat and potatoes! I’m sure you’re eager to learn what Freelance Writing is all about and you want to start making some money – it is a perfect way of generating funds for the next phase of your Entrepreneur’s journey. If you are not in need of funds it is the hard core base-level skill you critically need!