FAQ – Frequently Asked/Answered Questions


The realm of writing covers very broad applications & media. From traditional texts like books, right through to digital publication. This site deals specifically with language, graphics, video, HTML, written word, audio and all uses of writing for the digital world. There are many areas where writing for the web has distinct relationships with traditional text production, there are also very distinct and unique differences.

The World Wide Web is a powerful, potent agency of change in our world, the changes that have taken place in a mere 2 decades are not even fully understood by us standing at any given point. Changes that took place 10 years ago have a momentum that we all feel today, and changes taking place this week will produce effects and impact people in different ways this time next year, and so forth.



  1. Is eWriting all about Copy writing?

Writing ‘Copy’ is a commercial discipline that had its heyday in the so called ‘Direct Response’ era of marketing, and the classic Advertising industry, copywriting is a skilled craft and requires an insight into human psychology and the factors that drive people to want to buy goods and services, practitioners speak of ’emotional triggers’ and being able to feel empathy for particular groups of people. eWriting can certainly include all of the skills copy writers value and apply, but this is only a part of the whole. eWriting can also include specific niche knowledge, professional experience and all kinds of talent. eWriting is much broader than Copywriting, blogging, article writing, advertising, video, website building and audio skills are needed to be successful.

II. Why is eWriting regarded as being a ‘primary skill’ skill area of the digital economy?

If we regard the digital world as being made up of ‘web pages’ that are inter-linked via the semantic web on computer host systems, and this is a pretty good basic description of the WWW, then all the content of those different web pages is content human beings seek to consume in some way, regardless of the media form and type. The production of this content can be considered as ‘eWriting’ whether this manifests as text, web pages, video, audio or graphics. To this extent then eWriting is the language of the web, being literate with eWriting is the objective of digital citizens, technicians, entrepreneurs, performers, story tellers, and users. Therefore we can regard eWriting as being the Cardinal skill of the digital world, giving rise to sub-sections of different skill areas.

III. If technology is supposed to make everything ‘easier’ why is it so difficult to succeed online?

Great question! We are so conditioned to believe that all our problems can be solved via technology that we sometimes become complacent and assume too many things about technology. Firstly, building any kind of business is difficult, you need to be aware of many factors, have a clear plan and a profitable business concept. Technology has made certain features of being in business easier and more powerful-such as having access to a huge marketplace (3.5 billion people), presentation tools and communication BUT the primary elements of business still need to be addressed. Many people have a mistaken belief that merely having a website will mean they can make sales – there are many other items that crucially require attention:

  • How to attract the right people to what you offer and in sufficient quantities
  • Identifying what people desire and need in your market
  • The sequence of steps needed to present your offering
  • Building continuity into your online biz structure

The perennial question of ‘Traffic’ is one which plagues most online business ventures-being able to reach your specific audience/niche/market is absolutely critical, placing your content and messages in the right form to attract interest and engagement is the crux of it all. Social Media is seen as being the ‘cure all’ because there are so many people using social media platforms, however we have all been confronted by endless attempts to get us to buy ‘stuff’ on social media and much of it is very clumsy and inept – in fact most businesses seem to fail miserably at this. Why? It is a question of ‘style’ and approach. Each social media outlet/brand requires a specific approach to maximize interest; here we meet the concept of ‘relationship building’ as opposed to overt selling.This is a massive topic, one that is explored in greater detail within this site.