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It is all very well to approach Affiliate Marketing and think about ‘passive income’ – but how can you find really high paying affiliate programs where you do not have to make thousands of sales just to make a few dollars, where are the serious high paying offers?

Luxury & High Ticket Affiliate Programs
Luxury & High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing is popular online, why? Well because it is one of the easiest ways to make some money! You don’t need to create your own product, you can help other people by informing them about quality products they may not be aware of, plus it does not require a lot of technical skills to position yourself – sure you might have to write articles, or produce videos but these days you can use lots of online tools and resources which are easy to learn how to use.

OK, a lot of us know that this affiliate marketing can be profitable, but what about finding decent products to write about, or present on a video-you can’t get rich off $7 eBooks, or even $20 products.

How about something where you don’t have to make too many sales, or that pays out $1000 or more for one sale? So-called ‘High Ticket’ items are what we need!

Build Quality Blogs – Produce Videos

A friend of mine runs a blog about flying air craft – he happens to like anything to do with planes and flying, so he has lots of pilot lessons affiliate links, chartering private jets and even aircraft manufacturers affiliate links-yep you can make a percentage from someone buying their own executive jet, you don’t need many sales per year to bring in some nice cash! Of course his blog is top quality, and he has built a healthy readership of people who have the means and interest in the topic to make purchases.

This is another aspect of eWriting, we can consider ourselves as being ‘Media Companies’, this is the way modern business is going. If you think about it, a lot of business types need to produce content, in today’s digital world content is King (I’m sure you have heard that one before), and it is true that high quality content builds business – from furniture retailers to medical centers, everyone is putting out their branded content to keep people informed and interested in their businesses. eWriting is the major skill of the 21st Century, like I say on this site.

High Paying Affiliate Offers

So where do you find some of these high ticket affiliate offers, how do you sign up to get the big bucks? Well, I’m glad you ask – I have produced a data base of some of the really juicy affiliate programs that I have come across over the years. Each one pays very decent commissions, and yes I have included a private Jet charter program that pays a minimum of $250 for each sale of a charter, Exotic Car Rentals, Luxury Watches, even Hovercraft which can pay $1000 per sale (Conditions apply). 

There is a private yacht charter for those who like to sail the Mediterranean for their holidays – to Medical procedures, to Web development, look there are a heap of high ticket affiliate programs where you can seriously make some big money by letting interested people know about these products through your content.

If you want to grab your copy of this high ticket affiliate data base, on a searchable PDF all you have to do is Sign Up On The Sidebar with your best email address (no bogus ones thanks!) You can start producing your own content with your links included to get semi-passive income coming in for you. Free of charge as a reader of this site.This is a genuine resource-and you can’t find these programs easily!

If you want to explore how to go about being effective and learn the online secrets of affiliate marketing you should check out Mark Ling’s ‘Affilorama‘, a FREE training site for newby affiliates – it is high quality and completely legitimate, I learned a heck of a lot from Mark’s site myself. He has some high end training and ‘done for you’ affiliate options that you pay for, if you want that-but for just learning the ropes and getting started, there is nothing quite like his FREE course anywhere else. No B.S. 

If you want to grab this fantastic collection of high ticket affiliate programs so you can get started on your own projects simply enter your best email address on the sign up applet- and you will be sent the download link almost immediately, although it can depend on your location, it might take a few minutes, also check in different folders of your email – including the ‘junk’ if you have trouble finding the message. 

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