So What Is The Best Way To Make Some Money?



This question is one that I am asked by many people, probably thousands over the years, it just gets asked over & over again-the answer is kind of obvious, but a lot of people don’t like to accept it, they like to carry on thinking there are secret methods, clever tactics, powerful software and genius marketing angles which the successful people all know and keep to themselves.

And to an extent there is some truth in this, we all know that having something desirable, valuable for sale is essential, and that you must then present this item, or service to the right audience, in the right way in order to gain sales. Simple right? Once you have this all in-place you merely rinse & repeat.

Sure, but the devil is definitely in the details. People I have worked with and helped in the past all knew this basic principle. You know it, it is just obvious! But, sourcing the products, preparing them for sale and then being able to advertise to the right customers is damned hard. Otherwise everyone would be successful, we would all be retired and simply counting our money!

Fact number 1:

Work is involved – it takes work, effort, time and energy to begin, set up and maintain a sales system.

Fact number 2:

It requires knowledge and learning to understand what people are looking for, discovering what people want and then offering this to them-so many people come at this from the wrong angle and try to convince people to accept something they build, or make without first researching if anyone wants it!

Fact number 3:

Resources & money are needed to set things up – you absolutely need certain items and conditions, systems to be set up and available. You need to obtain either inventory, or human resources, or the means to deliver your service/s or products. Even if you are ‘Drop Shipping’ you still need to present your items; and you need to find good sources of wholesale products! 

So, for the vast numbers of people who don’t have the necessary skills to build their own sales system, a website, an online means to present their goods or services and then promote them to the right audience/s-the only solution is to purchase the skills of others. This is fraught with risk, because you don’t necessarily know the true capability of services. But this is definitely how a lot of entrepreneurs operate. You do not need to possess lots of technical skills, you just need the seed capital to get stuff built!

Services like Plato webdesign for instance provide a full service for smart, switched on business builders who simply may not be aware of the online side of things! This company is remarkable, one that I have used myself on occasion when I have been busy. My own web building company also provides a ‘done for you’ option – Web Star Services we have helped plenty of business builders get their eCommerce or membership sites up and running. These are High End services, not your average suburban hack shop!

If you have money but no skills you still need to know what you are doing, but at least you can get things done – this is how a lot of my associates began. By investing in existing infrastructure you can build empires.

It can be surprising how little you need to to get started. A ‘done for you’ website can be built, managed, promoted and content created for around $20,000 – OR you can purchase an existing site. By buying into a working online business you escape all of the problems – but discernment is needed for choosing the right site!

There are no overnight successes, but there are quick results if you know what you are doing, choosing to have a build done for you by people who are skilled, this is the best approach if you can’t build yourself! SEO, Advertising & content Marketing are the avenues to online success, there are many channels available each one represents a different marketing opportunity-you need to rise above the obvious dimensions of these platforms and regard them as your tools for selling whatever it is you want to sell.


Author: MikeG

The internet has been with the public for about 20 years now, many take it for granted, but as eWriters we understand we should never take the internet for granted!