The Directory Of Ezines – A Comprehensive Review

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The internet as a publicly available resource is not very old, in relative terms it depends how old you are as to whether this rings true. To someone born in 1995 for instance the internet is as familiar and ‘every day’ as a toaster is to all of us! But for those of us who have a few years behind us, to those of us who knew the world prior to the internet being cheaply available, a mere 20 years has elapsed; those two decades have seen changes which many of us do not fully appreciate, because ‘perspective requires distance’.

To the average internet user of 1997 the idea that you can build a business entirely online would have been pretty foreign – the talk of those times centered around just how long this ‘fad’ would hold out, believe it or not. You can discover the history of the internet, from 1969 onwards on this site 🙂

So we are all still carrying on with this ‘Fad’ here in 2016, and things have really stepped up a few notches, very few of us could imagine life without the internet, without Facebook, YouTube, Email, Smartphones, Websites, Apps…our entire global culture has assimilated and adapted internet technology out of all recognition to those early days. An aspect of the early internet was the development of something called an ‘Ezine’.

Ezines are online magazines, simply put – a publication based around a particular topic which is designed to present news, information and links, for people interested in that topic. You can think of Ezines as types of Blogs, but they are nearly always presented in a simple format, with text using fonts like this:

Financial News & The Stockmarket

Mr Pawnbroker of money street San Francisco is offering a new way to buy stocks and profit from them…

You have no doubt seen such Ezines, they remain popular especially among keenly interested people-something they all offer is advertising, and being able to reach a very interested group of readers is extremely powerful. This is one of those less well known aspects of internet culture, but is very familiar to many people who often pay a subscription fee to these Ezines, they have a strong relationship with publications that were available well before the internet was widely used, back in the days of ‘Direct Response Marketing’.

You can search for Ezines in directories such as this one and get a feel for what they are if you don’t know much about them. Why are they of interest to entrepreneurs and eWriters? Because they are significant sources of traffic, and means to access highly targeted people who are likely to respond to your ‘niche’ site, or product. Yes, there are other avenues to get traffic besides JVZoo, The Warrior Forum, Blackhatworld or Clickbank – Ezines are like a hidden resource, if you can get your advert in the right Ezine you can build substantial traffic, and the advertising is normally very reasonable in cost.

You will recall that ‘Targeting’ is what all successful online business is about, and the more you can focus your targeting the more likely you will attain success, and income. There are literally thousands of Ezines being published out there, and they are extremely effective. Even in these times Ezines are still very popular.

One of the earliest websites to deal with Ezines, and Ezine advertising is The Directory of Ezines, and this is owned by a gentleman by the name of Charlie Page. This site is very different to the standard directory sites because it offers very much more. Knowledge is power, it is said because what you know can make a huge difference. You can go through life not finding very much out, just following the same path as everyone else, but you know what? You will not attain very much, and your life will be a stunted, dull little event. The difference in knowing how to do different things can mean your life will be a fabulous ride, one that you will look back on and smile with satisfaction of a full life, lived to the hilt – or you can just be dimly aware that it could have been better.

Ezines Are Alive & Very Well!

The Directory of Ezines is not widely known about, it is not like JVZoo, or Clickbank – but it offers something these over used places cannot: a unique opportunity and education. This site provides training, information, insights into how to build an online business from a guy who has been in the business since the early days. Charlie Page is a genuine person, not a ‘guru’ but a teacher. If you seek something a little different, but powerful and genuine then you should check out The DOE. I am a lifetime member, and it has provided me with substantial traffic I would not normally be able to generate.

So the Directory of Ezines provides a very detailed list of Ezines that all offer us advertising space, all organized into topics, so it does not matter what you wind up working with, Health, B2B, Muscle Building, Technology, Music, Web Writing, Keeping Pet Lizards…there is an Ezine for you. The training and bonus features of the DOE offer you additional value, the training alone is worth the price of admission, this site really is unique and valuable!

If you are online for any length of time you tend to look around and it is amazing what is out there, one person cannot possibly explore everything, and that is why it is worthwhile sharing your discoveries. Evergreen sites like The DOE is a classic example, and I notice Charlie Page has now completely re-vamped his well established site, to bring it into line with our current times…

If you are interested in any kind of affiliate marketing, blogging, niche-based marketing you will find something to help you on The DOE, Charlie Page is one of the gentlemen of the online space, he is no youngster, his experience and insight is generously given in all that he does – plus his health is not so good these days, but he keeps giving. I am not trying to soft sell anyone here, some sites are worthwhile, there really is a lot of crap out there, so when quality is discovered, it is worth promoting.

Ezines are one of those ‘evergreen’ aspects of the internet, much like article marketing which everyone thinks is dead but is in fact even more effective today, SEO and link building is greatly enhanced by syndicating content – and what are articles other than ‘Content’?

Take a look for yourself, no pressure – I have got a ton of value from my membership, chances are you will too. And yes I might get a little if you decide to sign up I am completely transparent about that – isn’t this what we do online provide our experiences of different products which you would not otherwise be aware of? If you think being a member of The Warrior Forum is of value, you will get a lot more out The DOE and it has been in operation much longer; check it out for yourself and get an inside advantage!




Author: MikeG

The internet has been with the public for about 20 years now, many take it for granted, but as eWriters we understand we should never take the internet for granted!